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Know The Latest SEO Techniques. #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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SEO, Search Engine Optimization – it is the watch word for every website. You want to know the latest SEO techniques to get up there with the big boys! You want your website to rank high enough that you get organic traffic from Google. You know about key words, rich content, backlinks, long-tail keywords and every other White Hat SEO tactic. But did you know about Google’s RankBrian? Yup, I’m afraid there’s a new guy on the block! And it is an important component of the Google  search algorithm.

RankBrain is used to show results when the search does not have a proper answer. It uses machine-learning algorithms to decipher search results that are not specific enough. The most famous example possible is the word Apple. It could mean the fruit or the company. With Google RankBrain you could get a mix of results that show pages with both types of answers. It’s been around since 2015, learning as it goes to give you better and better results when you do a search.

When you first query Google with a mixed result kind of question it will show you a variety of answers. But as other people also search and click in the same type of link, RankBrian learns what people are looking for using machine-learning and starts to narrow down the results according to what people may like. SEO experts need to understand the way it works so that their websites to rank well.

RankBrain is one of the three most important parts of SEO according to Google. Its ranks with Links and content as the third most important part of search results.

So, okay, now how do you make use of this for your website?

Just knowing keywords is not enough. You need to be able to guess what kind of vague questions someone could ask and provide the answers in your content in order to show up in the first page of results. Another most effective way to make use of RankBrain according to a top Google employee is to make your content sound natural and human. If it sounds like a computer speaking, then watch out, RankBrain is NOT going to understand! How’s that!? The key seems to be to sound natural, simple huh? NOT!

The plain fact of the matter is guys, that Google wants great content. There’s just no getting around that. The more exclusive and the more useful your content is, Google will rank you up. And your content has to sound natural, like regular human speech for RankBrain to understand it. So conversational is definitely in. Stop with those stilled sentences already! This is especially so with voice search becoming more and more popular.

Remember that RankBrain is learning every second. with machine-learning algorithms. So, with high-quality, and the latest content, you can rank higher. Stay relevant, update old posts, have good back-links, If you do all of this, you have nothing to worry about. You should rank well. As always, we come back to the fact the content is key. Which is logically right, since Google wants people to find what they are looking for after all! They are in the job of Search Engine, and you would stop using it if it didn’t give you what you wanted, right!?

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