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Making Time On A Busy Morning


Mornings are busy and they can be quite chaotic.

If you have a young family and plenty of people to get ready and out the door, you know this first hand.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way, no matter how busy you think you are first thing in the day.

Earlier I shared with you how the first few hours in the morning set the tone for the entire rest of the day. Do you want that to be rushed, frantic, and feeling like you’re constantly running and trying to catch up?

Or do you want it to be calm, collected, productive, and with a feeling that you’re in control?

It’s up to you and it’s all about embracing two simple concepts:

Get Up Early Enough

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Health 101

One simple way to have a great stress-free day.


You’re busy. I know you are! Maybe you have a job that keeps you on your toes or you have kids that need your attention. Or maybe it’s a combination of both.

The alarm goes off, you stumble into your morning that is packed with things to do before you catch a ride to the office. You have to get ready, grab something to eat (if at all), get a kid to school – you get where I’m going…

The ultimate result is that you have no time for yourself mostmornings. You’re stressed and your day hasn’t even started.

This isn’t right.

You need to get fit, stay healthy by getting some exercise andeating healthy breakfasts.

Make time for them!

Have you considered waking up an hour earlier?

One whole extra hour or 60 minutes could make all the differenceto your mornings.

Time for a walk, workout, do yoga, to start that mediation youalways wanted to, or prepare a healthy breakfast instead of packaged cereals.

The thing is mornings are precious – they decide how the rest of your day will go. You may have noticed how badly your day goes when your mornings are particularly rushed. What a fine day you have when morning routines go the way you want them to.


Make it a part of your routine to wake up earlier. Yes, that means getting to bed earlier the night before. Serials, movies and reading books just have to wait for the weekend or a holiday.

Make time for some form of exercise, prepare a healthy breakfast and you feel less stressed instantly. The end result is a healthier and happier you. Also think about the art of being good, it never hurts anyone right?!

Have a great rest of your day!

Excuse me while I go set my alarm for 6 am….