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Book Review: Memories of My Father By Jayanthi Manikandan

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The book Memories of My Father is about the author Jayanthi Manikandan’s fond memories of her father N. Kandaswamy. He molded and guided the author and her family into what they are today. Though he was from a humble background, he was smart, intelligent, and hardworking. He worked with SBI and brought up the author beautifully. This book is a celebration of the author’s father.

My Thoughts on Memories of My Father:

The book is small but very well-written. It is an account of the life of N Kandaswamy, the author’s father. His love and affection brought the author Jayanthi Manikandan to where she is today. She recalls his childhood. In the middle of the twentieth century, he studied in Tamil medium. He learned English through hard work in Virudhanagar, a small town in the deep south of Tamil Nadu. He read magazines and The Hindu newspaper sincerely to learn the language. The Hindu newspaper has always had a reputation for good English and I have heard this from other people also. Meanwhile, he was always bonding with his siblings, especially his younger sister.

Jayanthi goes on to talk about his move to Chennai. How he puts in hard work to pass his bank exams is a story in itself. His marriage to her beautiful mother and the life they lead after the two girls Jayanthi and Nithya were born form the rest of the story. The arranged marriage which was the norm in those days was successful and her father’s affection and admiration for his chic wife shines through. The author’s love and admiration for her parents glows in every word and line.

It is impressive how fastidious and sharp her father was. Jayanthi writes about how he planned for every situation in their education and growing up. Love and fun were in abundance in this organized household. Mr. Kandswamy seems to have been one in a thousand, a man who looked into the future and was determined that education was the most important thing for his girls in an age when most girls were graduating in Arts and getting married. How he achieves his ambition for his girls forms the crux of the story.

Who Should Read this Book?

This heart-warming biography is for anyone with children or who deals with children. We can always use more help and life lessons and experiences to bring up children. If you love your father and have fond memories of him, then this book is also for you.

Do download and read this loving tribute of a daughter to her father here. (it’s free!)

About the Author:

Jayanthi Manikandan is an Information Security professional. She has a professional undergraduate degree (BE) in Computer Science from India and a Master’s degree (MS) in Information Security from the USA. The author accidentally fell into writing and has found that her education is very useful in her tech blog She also enjoys writing a personal blog

The author has written for many tech organizations and websites. She has published one print book and three ebooks. Find them on Amazon and on her blog

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Book cover of Memories of My Father By Jayanthi Manikandan

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  1. I don’t know why it seemed like have heard or read of this book somewhere. The book is beautiful and touching though. I liked your style of reviewing.

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