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Keeping Up With… Not Kardashians… Knowledge!

#BlogchatterHalfMarathon Remember when we were learning the ABCs and 123s in school? Your grandma may have complained on seeing your math book, that she never learned the square root of 36. Dad probably thinks Ruby on Rails is a jewelry store in a train.

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Winging It Vs Knowing What To Write About

#BlogchatterHalfMarathon Write well: Does this line mean: That I should only write what I know? Pretty limited - it'll probably fill less than 300 words…it’s up for interpretation. Need to ask the A-Team exactly what they mean by this line. But meanwhile let me think

blogging with a purpose, Social Media Posts

The Clubhouse Community – Find Your People

#BlogchatterHalfMarathon @Clubhouse is a relatively new #community building platform. It was started in 2020 with the idea of speaking and talking live rather than reading or watching passively. Here you listen in to someone who has something to say. Everything is by audio...

blogging with a purpose, Social Media Posts, Writing skills

Why Being Responsive Matters

#BlogchatterHalfMarathon Have you wondered why some people stay on your mind and others don’t? Have you wondered why responsiveness matters? I know that one of the reasons I really like someone in a work-situation is because they respond to me...