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#NetflixIndia K-Drama Review – Legend of the Blue Sea

The story is about a mermaid from the 16th Century who fell in love with a nobleman Kim Ryung of the Joseon dynasty. The star-crossed lovers do not have a happy ending. They promise each other that they will be together one day. Do they reunite? #NetflixIndia #legendofthebluesea

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#NetflixIndia K-Drama Review – Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers? Ever heard of that? It's an old Japanese saying that means that one should prefer substance over just a pretty thing like a flower. In this series, it means wanting a boy of substance over one that’s just cute or good looking.

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#NetflixIndia K-Drama Review – “Business Proposal”

The first #KDrama I saw was "Business Proposal" which is a romantic comedy. The storyline is simple. An earnest and hard-working research worker Ha-Ri works at a food production plant... #NetflixIndia #MovieReview