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Book Review: The Misters Kuru: A Return to Mahabharata

Ms. Draupadi and Ms. Kunti have settled well on Earth. Each busy with what satisfies her. Ms. Draupadi is a television personality of some importance and Ms. Kunti a mother and head of an orphanage. Of course, life can’t be so quiet for these famous ladies. Out of the blue the five Pandavas land on Earth.

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Friends: The Reunion on Zee5

All of us from the 90s and early 2000s waited eagerly for Friends: The Reunion on Zee5 in India! Also known as 'The One Where They Get Back Together' The Friends Reunion show leaves you with an unexpectedly warm glow...

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Share the Load, Multiply Love with Ariel India

When it All Started: The first few months of 2020 are a distant sweet memory. Things we did then and in 2019 - like go window shopping at the Mall or watch a movie at the theater or even just get on the train to commute to work seem like a dream. Did we do… Continue reading Share the Load, Multiply Love with Ariel India