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At the Crossroads – Xenia, Ohio – Travel Destinations in The USA for Retired Life

This is the twenty-fourth in the series Travel Destinations in the USA for Retired Life. This destination starts with the Letter X. The crossroads of middle America is in Xenia, Ohio. Highways and biking paths cross paths here! Read on to more about this unique weekend get-away…

bike trails in Xenia

The Warmth of Middle America

In Greek Xenia means hospitality. Xenia Ohio is the “City of Hospitality” The people are friendly and warm just as their city’s name represents. It is a blend of traditional values & heritage and progressiveness.

At the Crossroads

Xenia is at the crossroads of major interstate highways – I-70, I-71 and I-75. So, getting here is never a problem. You could even stop off on the way somewhere else, enjoy the warmth and the food and be off!

highways crossing each other

You should know that four of the extensive Miami Valley Bike Trails converge here. Grab your bike or rent one and ride around enjoying the natural beauty of Ohio. Head to Xenia Station and bike along wide and well-maintained trails. The scenic views are impressive along with the trials.

Other Things to Do in Xenia

The city is surrounded by parks of various types. Check some of them out for sports and fun alike. Pick berries for yourself at Berryhill Farm in Xenia. There is every type of berries here!

plane in the national air force museum
National Air Force Museum

Museums of interest are the Greene County Historical Society and The National Museum of the US Air Force. The National Airforce Museum is the place to go if you are interested in flying. So many types of airplanes and they even have the Wright Brothers’ legendary test flight – where it all began!

You can sip wine at a winery or swig a beer at the breweries. Golfers enjoy your golf. Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables at the Jackson’s Farmer’s Market which also has yummy prepared food like candies, cakes and pastries.

An interesting place to visit is the Vintage toy shop Route 66 Vintage Toys and Collectibles. Pick up a toy from your childhood or a gift for a child here.

vintage toy shop route 66 entrance
Toy Shop – Photo Courtesy:

In conclusion, I say that Xenia is the place for biking, trekking, exploring history, shopping and sports! In fact, everything you could want on vacation. So get on the road and let’s go!

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