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Book Review: Culinary and Culture of Tamil Nadu By Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan

This e-book "CULINARY AND CULTURE OF TAMILNADU'' highlights the concepts behind the food prepared during festivals. The eight major festivals covered in this book focus both on religious and cultural celebrations in Tamil Nadu.

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#NetflixIndia K-Drama Review – Legend of the Blue Sea

The story is about a mermaid from the 16th Century who fell in love with a nobleman Kim Ryung of the Joseon dynasty. The star-crossed lovers do not have a happy ending. They promise each other that they will be together one day. Do they reunite? #NetflixIndia #legendofthebluesea

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#NetflixIndia K-Drama Review – Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers? Ever heard of that? It's an old Japanese saying that means that one should prefer substance over just a pretty thing like a flower. In this series, it means wanting a boy of substance over one that’s just cute or good looking.