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Book Review of Cooking With Shail by Shail Parekh Thosani

book review cooking with shail

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Cooking with Shail is a cookbook with 15 different recipes each of a different category and style. The recipes are made using easily available ingredients and simple techniques with amazing end results.

The author has loved cooking from a young age. She has written 15 recipes which range from starters to entrees to desserts. There are rice, wheat, and quinoa recipes. You can find Indian and continental varieties to suit your palette.

My Book Review of Cooking with Shail:

I found the recipes listed out well. The ingredients are in the right order and the methodology is laid out in precise language. You won’t get confused about which ingredients go where or when.

The variety in the recipes is something I really appreciate. There are those days when you want to eat traditional food and days when you want to eat something different. The stuffed idli/dosa fits the first category and the quinoa cutlet the second.

I found it easy to follow the recipes. No complicated ingredients to find or process. The quantities are precise and you will turn out a great dish every time when you follow the recipe properly.

The colorful photos are so nice to have. There are times when we wonder whether what we created and what the author means are the same when there are no photos. This problem is solved here because the author has taken care to include adequate photos of every dish.

I tried out the broccoli paratha, the paneer cheese sabji , the quinoa patties, and a few others before I wrote my book review of Cooking With Shail. I did not have any trouble with any of these dishes. They came out delicious!

I recommend this book to the beginner because it’s so easy to follow and the expert who wants to put something different on the table frequently. Both types of cooks will find the book has great value to their cooking repertoire.

What Could Have Been Better in Cooking with Shail:

I would have appreciated a few more recipes. Since it’s so easy and the food turns out well, I would have liked more recipes to add to my collection. Planning a menu is always difficult and this book makes a cook’s life a little easier.

I would have liked the author to pay a bit more attention to editing the book. It’s so good that it deserves a wide audience and editing will give it a very professional look. I must say that in no way does the editing interfere with the quality of the recipes.

Do download and save this book if you want to place something interesting on the table for your family to enjoy eating!

About the Author Shail Parekh Thosani:

Shail started cooking after her 12th board exams and since then there has been no turning back. She is a lawyer but cooking is her passion. Even today after a long day at work she comes back to the kitchen and that is her biggest stress buster. In this e-book, she has tried to compile recipes of different styles and tastes. All the recipes can be served as different courses but each can be made using simple homemade ingredients. All the recipes have been tried and tested by her and the pictures are all her own.

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