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Online Marketing and All That Jazz! #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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Content marketing is strategic writing that focuses on a particular audience who will be interested in buying your product or taking an action that you require. Thought-leaders take Content marketing seriously because this is what will allow them to become influencers in the market. In order to share ideas and your own thoughts, you need to listen and learn and write what your audience is looking for.

There are a lot of us who would love to start a blog, but hesitate because of fear and because we are perfectionists. Are you afraid no one will read it, or enjoy it or do you fear that you will run out of things to say? It is precisely for people like you that we have A2Z Challenge. We provide the momentum to get you going where you were procrastinating before. The one thing you need to remember is that if you don’t write anything no one will EVER find you.

Go ahead and get down to writing. Gain visibility.

Now that we are established in writing and you don’t freeze when it comes to writing a blog piece, lets start to think about a specific thing you can write which will interest specific people and get them to come back to you repeatedly.

What do You Want to Convey?

Find topics that interest them, not just things you want to write about

Find solutions to their problems

Be factual to gain trust and to become an authority in the subject.

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Who is your audience?

Understand your audience, customer, whatever you want to call them. The person who will read your blog and buy the product.

Learn and understand the audience you are looking for. Are they potential readers you want to attract? Are they already your audience that you want to retain? Or do you want to attract brands or are you writing for your own company’s people?

Think about what is the final objective of your blog.

What Should Be In the Content?

You need to listen and understand what your audience needs. Share information that is factual; engage with and start conversations about ideas with your audience.

Could you write something about someone in your audience? Interviews are a great way to start, find a member of your audience and find out what it is he/she loves about the blog. Write what she/he takes away from your writing. You can make a great article about this person’s preferences. Your audience will take pride in being featured on your blog.

Add value by writing content that makes sense to your audience. Suppose you are into garden supplies, perhaps you could write content related to better gardening or vegetable growing. Give genuine information. Your regular reader starts to trust your product as much as they trust you. Content like this brings customers back to you. The sale happens.

Another type of blogger listens to what her audience needs. He writes about topics that will interest his audience. You listen to and interact with your readers and take your cue from them about the topics they would like to read about. They become fans of your blog because of the valuable content you provide. Your audience stays loyal to you.

What will you write about week after week?

If you have a Facebook account, Twitter or other Social Media, go on to these platforms and see the questions in your groups and your feed. Check the comments, you will get a feel for what will interest your audience.

Write content keeping in mind the seasons and holidays throughout the year.  This is a good reason to have a content calendar so you don’t forget a holiday. Write a post related to every holiday that means something to you and your customers and how your product connects with it.

Another quick way to get people to visit your blog is with prizes. Prizes are always a great way to get people interested. Once in a month or two, give away a prize. You could even find a partner who will like to give away a product which will interest people.


Content Marketing is a tricky field. Tracking is the best way to know if you are heading in the right direction. Track your posts and watch results. Otherwise, quickly readjust your strategy as the online world is full of content and yours will just drown in the noise!

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