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Why Do I Need A Landing Page? #BlogChatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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You already have a web page and now why should you have a landing page? Your web site is already doing that right? You have the layout, the offers, the goods now what? The landing page highlights one important aspect of your website. If you have offers running, the landing page is a good way to attract leads that convert.

The difference between the website and the landing page:

Your website tells visitors everything about your business, services, etc. You may also have a blog or a forum in it. It tells everyone about everything you offer. It tells people about your brand, about you if it is a personal page.

The landing page highlights offers, coupons, eBooks, how-to PDFs, tools that you offer. With it you can have a sign-up form to collect emails for a newsletter or other information you require. Your audience also gets to see something special that he might otherwise miss on the website without the landing page to spotlight it.

The landing page makes it easier for visitors to find services, schedule appointments, download things, sign up for gated or exclusive content. You may not sell products but offer services, coaching or guides. Your landing pages will help the visitor to know the newest, important or most helpful items in your website.

Provide a Service:

Your visitors find services easily. The services are clearer, more attractive, and get the attention you want them to have and sign up can be simpler for the target.

Finding Locations:

If you have different locations for different products or services, a landing page can make it easier for the customer to find.


Highlight features of your products on every page of your business.

Landing pages are a good way of getting attention where you want it to go. You can have different landing pages for visitors from different Social Media platforms too. Your Instagram traffic may be a demographic totally different from your Facebook or Twitter visitor. Cover them all with well-thought out landing pages

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10 thoughts on “Why Do I Need A Landing Page? #BlogChatterA2Z Challenge 2019”

  1. I very informative post. I have been thinking of making a landing page with a format different from the home page. This post has assured me that it will be the right thing to do for my blog site.

    1. Yes the same can be adapted to personal blogs – use them with offers of value to your audience so that they will sign up with email. The idea is to get email addresses for you to send newsletters about your blog, products (when you do affiliate marketing) and to improve relationships with readers.

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