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Your Small Business Can Be Successful On Social Media!

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You are a small business and are just wetting your feet in Social Media. Or you may have never tried it and think it is the smart way to go. It is! Your small business can kill it on Social Media if you know how!

Social Media use is just going to go up and up. You may have started out with Social Media for a variety of reasons. Social Media is not bad at all! Platforms may change, one becomes more popular than another, but using it to make your business known and to get leads is not going to slow down. In fact, it is a consistent way to get leads, more than any other type of advertising.

Build Reputation

Building a reputation on Social Media doesn’t just mean getting a huge following. What if that same following doesn’t give two hoots about your business? Build a genuine following that is right for you. You want people who follow you to have interest in your business. If you are a local business, you want the locals to know who you are. You need to build brand awareness. So first let’s create a social media presence for you. But to do that, we need a logo and brand impression that matches what you offer.

Find someone who can help you to create these and social media visuals that will help find your brand’s voice. Its not always possible to do everything yourself, apart from the every day demands of your business, you may need support initially.

Getting Clients to Follow:

Facebook is still the most popular platform despite the fact it’s in the news so much. So, a good place to start is by creating a Facebook Page. Its not very hard and the app guides you through it. Geotagging is essential so that when your customers check in, you get free advertising! Have you seen people check in to movie theaters and restaurants on Facebook? That can be your business too!

Instagram is another popular place right now, and there’s plenty of opportunity for stunning photos if you are in Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, or Travel business. See if your business profile will suit it and start a business account so that your clients can tag you and you can recreate your brand’s gorgeous ambiance.

Other platforms like Twitter or Pinterest, may suit your business better, so analyze them for your customers’ presence and join in.

Think of offering an incentive like a discount on services if people do check in or join your Page or follow your handle. Giving an incentive always makes things happen quicker.


Find a little time once a week to creating social media posts ahead of schedule so that you don’t have to take valuable time from your day to do it. On a daily basis you can just hop in twice a day to like, comment and otherwise engage with clients, peers and potential leads in the platform you are involved with. This is important in order to develop relationships with the online community. You may also attend networking meetups that also help develop followers.

Start off with your social media efforts this way and slowly build it up to include platforms that may have potential clients, a website that converts, and learn to use tools that help you whiz through creating and posting. If that’s not possible consider hiring help. The ROI will be worth the effort when social media is done right.

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17 thoughts on “Your Small Business Can Be Successful On Social Media!”

  1. I completely agree with you, nowadays social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to small business owners to take their business up to next level. and I agree that it is always more about the engaged followers. most of us often focus on numbers but having a engaged audience is way more important then this number game. thanks for sharing useful insight of SM platforms.

  2. So agree with your informative post. I refer to Social Media as ‘Free Advertising’ and your post goes ahead and proves it.

  3. I absolutely agree with you.. having a lot of followers doesn’t mean that that will help to promote your business…Social Media has become very important in promoting our business but one should use it wisely.

  4. Yes, definitely!! Social media gives visibility to small businesses and make them popular among the right audience but the condition is one should use it wisely. There are many platforms and in my opinion Instagram is best to promote business.

  5. Social media is a great tool for promoting a business. Often people run after numbers but quality and engaged followers are more important. A well written and very informative post. Thank you for sharing

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