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Review of Sitharaam Jayakumar’s “A to Z of Men and Women Who Excelled in Sports” #BlogchatterEbook Carnival Season 4 2019

This book is a compilation of 26 excellent sports persons from around the world who have made exemplary contribution to various sports, right from the all-time favorite cricket to boxing. The author starts off with Viswanathan Anand, the chess maestro.

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Never Done Email Marketing ? Here is the Why and the Where of It. #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

We’ve all received newsletters, in fact they've been around for ages. They started when email addresses became popular some decades ago. But despite chatbots and blogs and other effective marketing strategies, email marketing is still going strong.

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Your Small Business Can Be Successful On Social Media!

You are a small business and are just wetting your feet in Social Media. Or you may have never tried it and think it is the smart way to go. It is! Your small business can kill it on Social Media if you know how!

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Get It Together and Find Your Brand Message. #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

Can you think of one line that explains your brand or what you do? This is the brand message you want to convey every time you talk about your brand. You need to stand out in a bunch of “me-too” groups so that you get picked over all the others...

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Hobbies That Make Money #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

We all have things we like to do in our spare time. But have you ever thought about making money from that hobby? Yes, it is possible to have a side hustle that brings in the money for those trips you always wanted to go on or for that party dress you must have!