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Get It Together and Find Your Brand Message. #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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Can you think of one line that explains your brand or what you do? This is the brand message you want to convey every time you talk about your brand. You need to stand out in a bunch of “me-too” groups so that you get picked over all the others. Which brand says “Just Do it”? You know its Nike right? That’s brand USP. Which can be yours? I know it can be difficult to think of what you stand for. Just follow these exercises and you will come up with one soon.

Stop. Listen. What is it that makes you different from your competitors?

Identify what makes you stronger. What is your weak spot? Mine is content writing and my weak spot is finance. So, what should I do? I’ll concentrate on writing and let my husband handle the money, honey. I’ve found my USP, my strong point.

Now lets find your strengths and make that your USP.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What is your purpose?
  • What motivates you?
  • …And for who?
  • How do you achieve this?

Suppose you are a garden tools manufacturer – your USP would be:

To make and sell gardening tools to make life easier for gardeners.

Got it?

Let’s see what you come up with. Write it down in the comments below so I can see.

Your About Me or Mission Statement

Now let’s describe your USP with what makes you different from the other garden tool manufacturers. How is your company different?

“We make gardening equipment so that you can enjoy gardening so much that it does not feel like work.”

What else makes you tick? Can you define where you want to go with this manufacturing? Where are you coming from? Describe all this in just one line.

We come from a long line of gardeners who wanted to make gardening less of a struggle and more of fun and relaxation with easy to use tools.

What would I write in this place as a Social media person?

This author wants to connect small businesses with the latest SM platforms in an easy and painless way, so that they can concentrate on expanding their business.

Now that we have our USP and our Mission statement down lets go on to your Unique Voice.

Set the Tone with your Unique Voice:

How are you going to speak to customers, your audience? Are you going to be the cool kid on the block? You want to attract the young crowd to hangout with you. Or are you targetting older customers and need to tone down the volume, so to speak? Get it right and the right customer will fall in the door. Keep practicing, researching who your audience or buyer is and get it right.

The Selling Point:

How can you describe your business in a few lines? Lets say your are talking to a whole new audience, describe yourself. If you practice this, you are on your way to a simple brand message.

Brand Pillars:

Now you have your USP, your mission statement and your selling point down. Make a chart with these three pillars. And in a few words describe each of these pillars. Remember your audience, your internal aim and what sets you apart from the rest when you write this down.

Use these statements to create a brand message that is consistent with the message you want to convey. You have a message which is clear and smooth and exactly how you want to be seen.

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