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Hobbies That Make Money #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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We all have things we like to do in our spare time. But have you ever thought about making money from that hobby? Yes, it is possible to have a side hustle that brings in the money for those trips you always wanted to go on or for that party dress you must have!

Writing & Publishing:

Online writing can make you money. Show your expertise in the topic and you may be able to sell your services as a freelance writer. There is always demand for good writers. Content writing is in demand, with websites needing good writers. Get trained, join a good freelance service website like Upwork and look for jobs. You can also reach out to blog websites for jobs. If you have the patience to build up a reputation, you could even start your own blog. A friend of mine has a blog about child care with even outdoor activities explained.

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Graphic designers are often freelancers. If you have the talent for design and a good sense of colors, you have the potential to make money and enjoy your hobby. There are other ways to make money like starting your own clothes design or t-shirt design business. If you can create catchy designs and know how to sell them online, you don’t need to have a brick & mortar store.


A good camera and wandering feet can make you a lot of money while you enjoy the world. Take photos and sell them or get assigned by a website or magazine to take photos. Instagram is a great place to showcase your talent as it is meant for photos. Build up a following and become an Influencer or use it as a platform to sell your photos.


Believe it or not, gaming can make some serious money! Don’t scold your teenager for hanging out online palying games, he may be amking a lot of money. Expert players compete in this fast-growing industry. The money may not be steady, depending on the skills you have and luck too. But it is something to consider when you need a side hustle. Twitch is a gaming platform from Amazon that gamers love.


Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have a lot of talented comedians. DO you make people laugh? If you can write good jokes and get it out there the right way, you can end up with an interesting career in comedy. Its so much easier to be ‘discovered’ now with online opportunities.

The Digital nomad life could get addictive and you could find yourself getting out of your 9-5 and digging in deep to do more with your hobby! If you want to play it safe, that’s possible too, and you can enjoy your hobby as much as you want. Online opps means the sky is the limit in the 21st Century.

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