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Boost Your Brand Growth With Super Thought Leadership #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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You’ve been hearing this jargon a lot lately and are probably fed up with it; it’s everywhere – thought leadership. Who is a thought leader? If you have expertise in your chosen field or niche and can connect your knowledge with innovation and progressive views, people take you seriously. You can boost your brand’s growth with thought leadership. People trust what you have to say because you are a specialist in an area of study or business.

How Can You Become One?

  • It starts with niching down! Have you decided on a niche for your blog? Do that first. Give value to your readers and don’t expect something back in return. You are not a thought leader when you exchange your knowledge for money, that’s just business.
  • As a thought leader you let people know the best way to do something, often through your blog.  Answer questions when asked and clear up doubts.
  • Get to know Influencers in your field.
  • Networking is another key to being a thought leader; knowing and connecting with people.
  • Think differently and shake up the routine with improvements. When you, the expert, voice a different way of doing something and it is better, people follow.

Other Ways To Be A Thought Leader:

  • Create videos and podcasts that express your innovative thinking
  • Join Social Media and maybe even groups so that you can solve their problems.
  • Attend or host events
  • Join a Social Cause
  • Write a book about your idea
  • Write a whitepaper

How Does Being a Thought Leader Benefit You?

It is a boost to your brand. You are the authority who knows your stuff, your business. You have the ideas and hence the products that people want.

You attract the best in the business. A lot of other experts want to be associated with you. Having the best talent, helps your brand to grow.

Your brand gets visibility from the exposure you get.

With this exposure you can cut down on marketing as your brand gets popular because of you.

People start to recognize you and consequently your brand. Business opportunities turn up when you least expect them.

With all the credibility you have built throught your though leadership, your audience trusts you and your brand, sales get boosted.

What You Need To Put In It:

  1. Your time
  2. Be Honest
  3. Have patience as it does not happen overnight.

What you need to have:

A content strategy, a good team and contacts with Influencers who can help you build your brand quicker.


Being a thought leader is never easy and becoming one is even harder. But with time and patience you can be the one everyone looks up to. Elon Musk & Neil Patel are a few examples of exemplary thought leaders in their chosen fields. We trust what they say, we are ready to follow. When is it your turn?

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