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The Future of AI In Digital Marketing #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is all the rage. You may have seen chat bots in Facebook Messenger. You subscribe to someone’s business and it pounds you with information and queries you often whether you want to go on or to choose something. You have experienced it in smart devices that seemingly talk to you or in self-driven cars. They are programmed to understand needs, your preferences and give you a customized result.

What is AI?

It is the ‘intelligence’ that machines show. AI allows machines to think, respond and perform a task like a human would. The machine actually learns to improve response from the experience that it gets from the input we give.  Because of this improvement in the way machines respond, AI has become very popular.

What It Can Do For You:

Because of the way the algorithms function, it can be very useful with devices in home automation, GPS tracking and in voice assisted gadgets like cell phones.

  • It is a lot more accurate with minimum errors so efficiency increases with every task.
  • It can give you thorough insights as it can do in-depth data analysis.
  • The progressive-learning algorithms allows it to continue to adapt.
  • It is because of this ability to learn from and adapt to new inputs that AI is increasingly popular.

How Can AI Aid Digital Marketing?

You can find AI in every aspect of your digital life from Google’s Voice search whose efficiency is courtesy RankBrain to Amazon’s ability to suggest items that you may be interested in. Marketing Trends are being predicted by AI with remarkable accuracy and have taken over human tracking of marketing data.

  • AI’s data driven analysis allows you to plan your marketing strategy with increasing accuracy. Indeed, it has taken the guess work out.
  • It can analyse the buyer-behavior and decision-making of your target audience with accuracy.
  • Repetitive tasks can be taken over by AI leaving you free from the mundane and therefore, increase productivity. You save time and money this way.
  • AI helps you to decide what exactly your audience wants, so that you can give them what they need. Here again it ties back to providing solutions for customers and potential customers (in a previous article)
  • Since you now can make better decisions and create better content, naturally you are building trust, that leads to conversions and sales. AI help you get a better ROI.

What Are The Ways a Digital Marketing Person Can Use AI?

Customize your customer experience with better engagement that can help you attract new customers and retain previous ones to increase your sales. You can use AI in the following ways:


Remember Alexa that can play songs that you like and prefer? What about SIRI or Hey Google which seem to know exactly where you want to eat dinner – at home or go out?

Are they listening in?

No, they are actually interpreting your requests and using AI to decide what exactly you want or desire.

“Hm, this person is at a hospital, let me tell him about the take out place 5 min from here.”


“Hey, this woman is on vacation, I got to tell her about this really cool dining place in town”

You can use chatbots for nearly every aspect of business. Use it on your website, emails, or text messages.

If you are a retail or e-commerce shop you could get AI to suggest clothes or other items to a shopper taking into account their preferences, buying behavior and usual habits. With all these details AI will show your shopper items that they may be interested in. This data is also useful for you to create strategies for more efficient marketing.

Amazon is the most well-known e-commerce giant to use AI. It makes your buying experience better by suggesting what you may want to buy. Never mind that sometimes, it keeps sending suggestions after you buy that vacuum cleaner (after all you may buy one separately for bedroom 2!!)


There is no doubt that AI is a wonderful way to increase your brand’s efficiency. You can provide better customer-experience and solve problems for your customers. For you, as a business, AI provides you with a more efficient marketing solution and as a result your ROI improves.

And at the end of the day the bottom line does matter.

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