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3 Reasons to Value Yourself as a Freelancer

What does ‘add value’ mean? This term is everywhere, indeed probably in overuse. How do you add value to yourself? Does it have to do with your character or doing a good deed for the day? #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

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The Blogchatter Half-Marathon has ten commandments, of which the eighth is:

Thou Shalt Add Value

What does ‘add value’ mean? This term is everywhere, indeed probably in overuse. How do you add value to yourself? Does it have to do with your character or doing a good deed for the day? Like those old girl scouts’ mottos – “did you do your good deed for the day?” By the way where are those girl scouts and girl guides anyway? Haven’t seen even one of them recently…

Well, back to adding value…

This term is so vague, like one woman’s junk is another’s treasure; adding value is really something only each individual person can see for himself. What I value, you may not and you may consider it a waste of time or money.

I think doing charity in my spare time is adding value to my life; you may think it’s a waste of your time: if someone wants something, they’ll go out and get it!

Value Adding in Business

In business the term value added often means a adding something which is more than the original value of a product. You, as a business, add something of value to a product so you can sell it at a higher price. A car showroom can add value to the cars they sell by adding free services (that would be a nice surprise, wouldn’t it?)

Another example of a value-added product: A cake-mix is flour and other ingredients packaged together – these plain old products have value added to them by being together in the cake mix box in the right proportion. You are willing to spend more money in order to save time.

Different Ways to Add Value

Values can include spiritual value, physical value, emotional value or financial value. Any or some of these can add value to something. Would you pay more for a shampoo that has a great design and seemingly better-quality ingredients? Or are you the person who must buy at the lowest cost, never mind if its an unknown brand or generic? Would you pay more for a religious symbol blessed by your favorite religious head than buy the same one from a souvenir shop? The religious symbol has a spiritual value added by the blessings, right?

You can add a brand name to a product or service to add value to it. Sneakers with the Nike logo have more value than the ones that look pretty much like them but are sold off the street! A beauty salon with a big brand name charges a lot more for eyebrow services than the woman who comes to your house to pluck your brows.

Understanding The Value Your Online Freelance/Consultancy Business Brings to the Customer

Every time you deliver your product and services that solve a specific problem for your client, you add value to your customer. You have tailor-made the result for your individual customer and satisfied their criteria for customer satisfaction. This is why the customer will come back to you for more.

You do not need to add free services to the service/product you supply as it is made precisely for one customer.

Value your time and dedication and avoid undervaluing yourself.

Once you take on a client, then do everything you can to make sure they are satisfied with your work. But do not accept less financially. Your charges should be at market rate and not subsidized.

Why Should You Value Yourself as a Freelancer?

  • You are running a business and cannot afford to reduce your price.
  • The client/customer will introduce you to other new clients with the understanding that you will discount your services. Ultimately, your value goes down.
  • Its not fair to clients who pay full price and get the same service.
  • A good client understands the value of the time you save them with the work you do, while a poor customer saves money but spends time when he/she could be doing something else of value to their business.


Value-added services are good but created value is even better. Your deep understanding of your client’s values, needs and wants is the ultimate value you give. Be aware that the consulting and freelance services provided by you as an individual are any day better than a package or kit from a large company designed for use by an assortment of people. Value yourself as a freelancer. Remember that the next time you write up a quote for a potential client.

This blog post is part of the Blogchatter Half Marathon

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