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Every Woman

Well, as someone who has been following the Ten Commandments from the #BlogchatterHalfMarathon, I should experiment right?!

The Blogchatter Half-Marathon has ten commandments, of which the seventh is:

Thou Shalt Experiment

Well, as someone who has been following the Ten Commandments from the Blogchatter Half Marathon, I should experiment right?! Here’s my experiment with something new…

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Who is she?

The woman who smiles gently in a crowd, but her eyes are so private that they hide her true emotions.

The woman you remember even when you are far away, wishing you could see her face…

The woman who speaks softly to your children, yet is so strong in the board room.

The woman who has never stepped out of the home, yet teaches your family confidence.

She is the woman who works tirelessly in multiple homes so that her children can eat tonight.

She is the street vendor who tackles tricky men so that she can get back home again.

She is the office-goer on her commute who has already put in three hours of work at home.

She is the student who struggles everyday to prove that she is just as good.

The girl who watches her brother go off to school while she watches her baby sister at home.

The girl who no one wanted but who looks after her grandma today.

The girl who wins the quiz and comes out on top in the school competition.

The girl who gets her PhD because you believe in her.

She labors in the hot sun so you can eat well tonight.

She sweeps the streets everyday so you don’t step on trash when you walk.

She manages the bank so you can withdraw money when you want.

She gives you a check up every month so that your baby is born healthy and safely.

Believe in her and you believe in humanity.

Believe in her wisdom  and you are stronger.

Believe in her love and the family prospers.

Believing in her is believing in you.

You are. Because she is. She is every woman.

This blog post is part of the Blogchatter Half Marathon

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