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Visit Homes a Millenium Old in Taos, New Mexico – Travel Destinations in the USA for Retired Life

This is the twentieth in the series Travel Destinations in the USA for your retired life vacation list. This destination starts with the Letter T. Taos in New Mexico has had dwellings in use for millennia. It is mind-boggling to think of…

city center bench and plaque about the history on Taos.
Taos city center

About Taos

A quaint little town with a population of about 5500, this town has old Pueblo Indian settlements which have been occupied continuously for more than a Millenium! The clay houses still stand today, of course, repaired and redone many times over.

a closeup view of one of the dwellings here.
A close-up view of one of the dwellings

Tours Through the Homes

You can visit some of the dwellings with a guide. Other dwellings are occupied. Food is available for sale here in some of the dwellings and it is uniquely Native American and delicious! We ate tamales steamed in a corn husk and fried bread which is a lot like the Indian puri! It feels like we old nations share a common heritage…

Remember to be respectful of the fact that many people live in these old homes. Go only to dwellings that your guide tells you are okay to visit.

Taos is also home to artists and there are a lot of art festivals here. Do pick up the pottery on sale at the site. They are quite pretty and help support the local community.

Taos Pueblo dwelling in Taos, New mexico - travel destination in USA for retired people.
The Taos Pueblo Settlement has been continuously occupied for a Millenium!

I remember this trip vividly because of an adventure we had there courtesy of our Google Map. We used the map to find the Taos Pueblo settlement. Google insisted we follow a trail, which turned out to be the wrong way. We had to cross a small stream, slick with mud and rocks! Our four-wheel-drive did a crazy little turn, righted itself and took us across the stream with a roar! My heart was in my mouth, so many scenes of water entering the vehicle or being swept away (there was about a foot of water) or at the very least having to get down and walk, went through my mind! We later realised we had crossed through private property and there was a perfectly good road going to the settlement! Thanks, Google Maps for the free adventure!

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