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A Holiday in Sea Ranch, California – Travel Destinations in the USA for Retired People

sheer cliffs along the coastline in sea ranch, california.
Houses near the Golf Links overlook some of the rugged cliffs of Sea Ranch, California

This post is the nineteenth in the Travel Destinations in the USA for Retired Life series. Therefore this travel destination in the USA starts with the letter S. Your perfect holiday in Sea Ranch on the rugged cliffs of the Northern California coast starts on your drive from San Francisco. This community of star-gazers, nature-lovers and golfers is a cosy niche.

Sea Ranch in Northern California’s Sonoma County is a wonderful place for star-gazers and people who love the rugged sea. It is about 110 miles from San Francisco – about two hours forty minutes’ drive. You know how they say that “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”? (Ralph Waldo Emerson)  Subsequently, when it comes to this road trip, you can really enjoy the drive on winding roads that hug the rugged cliffs of the coast. Watch the sea continuously pound the coastline all along this drive. The steep cliffs are anywhere from 100 to 300 ft above the sea. The sheer beauty of the restless waves is mesmerizing.

Beach in rugged cliffs of sea ranch california
Beach in Sea Ranch

It was interesting to see the names of quaint towns along the highway, Bodega Bay, Russian River and Salmon Creek to name a few. Bodega Bay has lots of boats in the harbor. As the Russian influence extended to Fort Ross a century ago. As a result, you can see a lot of the remnants of the architecture with Russian influences. A visit to the Russian cemetery will appeal to some.

Sea Ranch itself is a community in Sonoma County, which is known for its star-gazers and golfers alike. The 18-hole golf links have a grand sea view that you can relish as you golf your day away.

There are six public trails in Sea Ranch that you can enjoy. Some go down to the beach on the stairs or even a pathway. The beaches are relatively quiet and you can enjoy a walk on the beach, watch the ocean or have a picnic. You cannot go swimming on the beaches because of the rough and cold seas. One forested trail goes to the Bluff and another trail takes you to the Gualala National Park and the river of the same name.

A forest trail in the rugged cliffs on your holiday in sea ranch
Forest Trail in Sea Ranch

We stayed at an Airbnb in the golf links community. Therefore, the house was huge and comfortable for six-eight adults. We were advised to close the currents/drapes in the evening so the light would not go out of the house. We also had to switch off any outside lights after dark. Subsequently, this is to ensure that star-gazers can get their fill of the dark, starry sky without light pollution. The houses have open decks on the roof for just this reason. It was surreal to see so many stars! Do remember that you may run into clouds when there.

Deer walked up to the house, grazing on grass as we watched through the huge windows of the house. We also saw a lot of wonderful birds in the area, just by looking out the window or stepping out of the house we were staying at!

Since we were on holiday in Sea Ranch on a weekend we got to visit the local Farmer’s Market. The farmers come from all around Sea Ranch to sell their special jams, desserts and trinkets. It’s worth exploring as the people here are quite neighborly.

Retired life can be a wonderful time to fulfil lifelong dreams of exploring little known places like the rugged cliffs of Sea Ranch. The peace and quiet and beauty are unmatched on your holiday in Sea Ranch.

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