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The Everglades Florida

The Everglades Florida is one of the most fascinating places on earth. It is a very shallow river that slowly meanders its way from near Orlando to the Florida Bay in the south, about 100 miles. The river is 60 miles wide.

“It is a unique ecosystem that you will not find anywhere else in the world,” says the ranger who takes the tour with you.

Sunscreen, hat and water in place, we set off on a unique Air-boat meant for riding on the shallow River Okeechobee, meaning “River of Grass” Once you get on the boat-ride you realise why the river has this name, it really seems like a river of grass…

The airboat that takes you over the waterways

Oh, did I mention that this innocent river is full of crocodiles?! Yep, there are thousands of them here in the Everglades Florida, babies and granddaddies and all! I would not recommend you get into the water, even if the crocs have a reputation of being deceptively lazy creatures, they have huge jaws and can move pretty fast!

Innocent-looking waterway!
a crocodile lies quietly in the water next to the boat as we ride the airboat.
You can spot a crocodile lying still in the murky waters of the Everglades Florida
a crocodile lies half-submerged in the murky waters of the Everglades Florida
Another croc lying absolutely still in the water. They are smart and don’t move around in the heat, unlike us humans!
a full view of a crocodile at the show at the Everglades National Park
Make time to watch the show at the end or beginning of your visit to the Everglades Florida. The ranger gives awesome info and the crocs do some awesome tricks when in the mood! 🙂 – and you get to touch a baby croc too!
blue sky reflected in the still water in the Everglades as you go in the airboat.
Simply amazing views despite the heat of tropical Florida! The still waters reflect the beauty of the sky.

This beautiful place is now populated with Burmese Pythons which do not belong here. They were probably let loose into the wild by irresponsible pet owners for one reason or other. They have multiplied rapidly in the area and are a menace to other wildlife in the Everglades. The other original snakes in the Everglades Florida are rattle snacks of four different varieties!

Try to get there early to beat the heat! It gets really hot and humid in South Florida. There are several good places to make the tour of the Everglades. We chose the Everglades Safari Park, which is authorized to go into the Everglades National Park, Florida. Do some research before you go…

33 thoughts on “The Everglades Florida”

  1. Stunning pics . Fell in love with the place but was intimidated to know the presence of pythons and crocodiles.

  2. Florida is one of the place that is already on our bucket list since long but somehow we would not be able to plan visit it., after reading your post, I m wishing to go there and explore this beautiful place on earth. Nice photos and great read..#alexanonstop

    1. I do hope you go! Please go to the Keys while you still can (climate change), they are a chain of islands connected to the mainland with a series of awesome bridges!

  3. Wow. What beautiful pics. In spite of the crocodiles and phytons you have tempted us to visit. Hopefully some day. 🙂 #arushireads #alexanonstop

  4. That’s another awesome picture story. You just manage to strike the right chord with the adventurer in me 🙂

    The place looks so interesting and you have captured the beauty of the place really well.

    Keep your wonderful posts coming 🙂

  5. You’re quite adventurous to venture out in a river that’s full of crocodiles. I have a serious phobia and am happy to enjoy it through the pictures.

  6. Such a brave soul! Though this article really is an amazing one to read and the place looks really great, I knew from the start that these swaps would be filled with crocs! And for that, I’m not into it. haha…Great adventure though!

  7. So many Hollywood movies have been shot in the Everglades! I have watched too many murder mysteries that have involved jetting around the Everglades. And of course not to forget the crocs and the Gators!

  8. Florida is a destination that has been on my travel list for a while, but i haven’t been able to organise a trip there. After reading your piece, I’m itching to visit Florida and experience this stunning region of the world. Excellent photos

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