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Fall Colors in the Rockies

Every season has something special in the Rockies. Winter skiing, summer fun on the lake or trekking & hiking, and even Fall is a beautiful time to visit. The Fall Colors in the Rockies are truly spectacular! Take a day to drive through the mountains when the leaves change color and sweep the valleys and mountains with colors in Fall. You can drive to the mountains from Denver in a few hours and get back by night fall.

From the third week of September to the second week of October you should be able to see this wonderful display. Keep an eye on the News channels for the best updates on when to go.

aspen tress changing color as fall gives way to winter. the fall colors in the Rockies is beautiful
The Aspen shimmer like gold in Fall. The leaves change color at different rates, to provide a colorful show from Nature…

The Aspen trees make Fall colors in the Rockies so special in Colorado. The Aspen turns into a rich golden yellow color. Because of the light weight of the changing leaves, even a slight breeze has a shimmering effect and the Aspen leaves look like gold when the sun shines through them.

Aspen trees' leaves turn yellow on mountain side
The beautiful Aspen tress give this gorgeous yellow-gold color in Fall. The Fall colors in the Rockies are amazing!
trees in various stages of changing color as winter approaches
Various tress change color at different times, giving you a range of colors
a moose on the roadside in the Rockies.
Captured a photo of this guy strolling along enjoying Fall in the mountains. You can make watching the Fall colors in the Rockies a fun weekend trip!
Signage showing the continental divide at Milner Pass.
I was so fascinated with this! And the Continental Divide goes from Alaska to the bottom most portion of South America!
Trees in different stages of changing color in Denver, orange, yellow and green
Beautiful sights inside the city too in Fall! So if you cant see the Fall Colors in the Rockies, don’t fret, open your eyes to the beauty everywhere!
a tree with orange leaves against the background of a house.
Soon the trees will be bare as they prepare for winter.

Fall colors in the Rockies and in the city are a sight for sure. So do stop and take a breath and look around you.

If you own a house, raking up the leaves in late October isn’t much fun, especially when you have kids and a full schedule!

Do remember to take a break from work, get children to pitch in and make a huge pile of leaves for them to jump in before you bag it all up. We can have a good time even when working – perspective matters! 😊

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8 thoughts on “Fall Colors in the Rockies”

  1. You made me fall in love with Fall colours even more! There is something about these colours and and a kind of yearning & solitude in the season!
    I loved the scapes and the captures. Beautiful !

  2. Fall is my favorite season too and I always loved the beautiful nature and festivity ( Halloween, Diwali) this time. We had a great time in Ohio, while exploring this season but now in CA, it’s not that much visible ( fall colors) #Alexanonstop

  3. Hi…your post really invoked the nature lover. The Rockies is such an amazing sight and how I wish I could be there to witness it !

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