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Ten Great Reasons Why Blogging is Trending

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Why Should You Blog?

Blogging was limited way back in 2010, but today we have thousands of bloggers with something to say. Why should you join the host of bloggers? Aren’t there enough of them around already?

Here are Ten Great Reasons Blogging is Trending in 2019:

  • It’s a Great Way to Practice Your Writing Skills:

So you plan to write that great book? The one that will be on the New York Times Bestseller list for months, right? Well that won’t happen overnight babe. Get out there and practice writing. Blogging is the perfect way to make your writing crisp, precise , to learn to research for, and I can go on and on.

  • Record Great Experiences and Share Them:

The world is a marvelous place and there’s lots to see and do. But not everyone is going to get out there and do or see what you do. Armchair travelers will love to know about your experiences when you take them on your journey through your blog. Hint: add lots of pictures!

Chances are if your blog turns out to be pretty special, you’ll get a chance to maybe take a sponsored trip somewhere?

  • Gain Popularity:

A good way to get your name out there, write a blog. If you have something special to say on your blog, you could end up with speaking assignments. It’s going to be a wonderful feeling when people want you at their events or for interviews right?

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  • Show Your Expertise:

Your blog allows you to show off! Yup, you can spout wise words about almost anything and prove you know what you claim to know! Go in depth and show your authority, you may just snap up a job offer in writing or something else you’re an expert in, just by having the right person read the blog.

  • Have an Excuse to Spend Time on Social Media

You love Social Media but your dad is on you to get a job, make a living right? Well, blogging helps you to get your dad off your back and spend time doing what you love most, spending time on Social media. Become a social media Influencer with the power of blogging.

  • Practice Your Internet Skills

Still confused what a domain or hosting or what .com and .org mean? Nothing like blogging to get to know all the terms and what they mean to you. Start with a free web page and see where it takes you.

  • Make Connections:

If you plan your blog well and practice writing well, you could make a lot of worthwhile connections. These could be with people better than you, people with the same mindset, or become a leader for others. The sky is the limit!

  • Have an adventure:

Blogging can give you great ideas and set you on to doing extraordinary things. You develop focus and it helps you find your calling – cliched as this may seem. Maybe you will find the courage to travel alone or start up that business you always wanted but lacked conviction to.

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  • Share Your Knowledge:

You may be an expert in your field and you did not get there on your own. People helped you on your way and you can too. Start a blog and help people to learn from you. Share, guide and make someone else better. The world needs people like you.

  • Have an Opinion, Make a Difference

Do you see something that is just not right? Take a stand, get your opinion out there. There will be people who agree with you and you may start a movement towards better things in a fast-changing world. Champion a cause.

Enough reasons to start a blog? Let’s get moving and start one today. Join in with blogging websites like and raise your blog to a whole new level.

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5 thoughts on “Ten Great Reasons Why Blogging is Trending”

  1. Yes truly am why it is trending. My initial reason was to just share my experience but then with the encouragement from my readers I realized that I can write well (not great ) and now I am writing to improve my writing skills:) There are some stories in my head which I want to write 😉

  2. Blogging is indeed trending. It is like, hit a stone in the dark and 99% it will hit a blogger. with people becoming more expressive, blogging is the go to option.

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