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A Fast Writer Can Still Make Sense! #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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I get it, you’re busy, busy and busier still. So, how can you possibly fill up a Blog on your website on a day to day basis? But it is possible my friend. It just takes a bit of organization. You need an idea to write in the first place, so where do you start?

Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

First of all, keep track of things you come across daily. Yes, this means everyday-things around you can give you ideas. Now, make a note on your phone or a small diary about things that interest you.

Join groups on Facebook or a blogging community in your niche and read comments and posts. They provide clues to the everyday problems people face. Write these down as you go.

Topics can come to you at the strangest and busiest times when you are not thinking about them. It’s true, they pop into your head in a meeting, when you’re sleeping or in the shower. This is why, you have that trusty notebook or phone note. Jot it down as soon as you can.

Stay Organized:

I keep my notes on my trusty phone’s Notes app. Its always with me so I can write down a topic any time it pops up.

Now that you have all those topics written down, you can go through the list when you are looking for inspiration. All the best writers do keep ideas written somewhere.

Start by picking the topic that you think is current, easy to research, or you already have a ton of information on maybe? Don’t forget to think of the season you are publishing this in. During Christmas you will want to write about gift wrapping right, not in the summer when all you want to do is swim, drink cool drinks and find ways to beat the heat. See where I am heading?

Research is an important part of good blog writing. So, do enough of it to write intelligently and factually. One important thing is, let’s not spread any fake news, we have enough people doing the already! Note down or bookmark useful links and read up as much as you need to, to get ideas.

The Best Part is The Writing!

Now that you have the topic and done your research, start writing. Yes, just write down everything you want to express. Let’s get it all down on paper. You can worry about a snazzy intro and a thought-provoking conclusion later. Refer your research when you need to.

Rewrite and Rewrite!

You have a first draft ready! Decide on the number of words you would like. Now it is time to start editing. Check which sentence or paragraph should come where. Start looking for good sub headings and put those paragraphs in the right order under each subheading.

Check for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mistakes. Ruthlessly cut it down if it is too long. It should hold the attention of your reader. Remove all the fluffy words that don’t add to the information you are trying to convey.

Second Draft Done!

Give yourself a break and come back to the writing. You will usually find more mistakes and missing parts. Add or correct those.

Have you added adequate examples? Colorful stories and anecdotes are interesting and make your point clearer.

Write the conclusion now. It will be easier to write since you have a direction and focus already down on paper.

Writing ideally should be done in a calm and quiet place.

I for one write best when I have the news channel on, preferably CNN. There is something about the droning voices that calms my mind. Cricket match commentary also gets me writing. Again, the droning voices!

Find Your Happy Place To Write:

Writing with no distractions is productive. Keep away from the infinite widgets, gadgets, and gizmos around and on your laptop. If children are running around screaming, wait till they fall asleep or are at grandma’s if you must. I write early in the morning or late at night so the house is quiet.

Does the fact that the dishes aren’t done bother you? Are you a perfectionist? Good for you, that’s one thing entrepreneurs need. Break the rules, make your writing your new obsession. Your perfectionist nature will kick in.


You can write quickly and connect better with your reader when you follow the above. Being organized is the key to faster writing. So, do your research and start writing. By doing this, you will realize how much faster you are and the clarity you get because you understand the topic before writing.

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