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Never Done Email Marketing ? Here is the Why and the Where of It. #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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We’ve all received newsletters, in fact they’ve been around for ages. They started when email addresses became popular some decades ago. But despite chatbots and blogs and other effective marketing strategies, email marketing is still going strong. It remains ever-green, probably because most people use email, even if we don’t do anything else online.

You need to build an email campaign to reach people, here’s how:

  • Get them to sign-up with their email address.
  • The best way to do this is to offer an incentive, a ‘must-have’, a valuable piece of info. For example, you can offer a “Cheat Sheet to Successful Social Media” or an eBook with some value that tempts them to sign up.
  • Another method would be to use a quiz, a give-away, etc.; the important thing being the sign-up form has to have a place for the email address. You can find out more in my previous article here: Ways To Grow Your Email List

Common incentives to get people to sign up are:

  • A valuable info email series
  • A free download
  • Free white-paper or ebook
  • Info about new releases and product updates

EU GDPR Compliance:

It’s important to have one more step in the sign-up, which is to have permission to send subscription emails. There is a regulation when you invite subscriptions to email newsletters to people in European Union countries; EU GDPR compliant emails is a must there. That means, you will need to follow some guidelines about data and data privacy. Read more at or you can do your own research and find a simple blog explaining it. Another thing to be aware of is when you send an email newsletter it should have a physical address. And it is expected to have an ‘unsubscribe’ option. This is especially true in the US. There are a lot of rules to follow, read up on them so you do not land in trouble.

Email Content:

Now that we have the emails and are EU GDPR complaint, (if sending to Europe) what next?

  • Have great content in your emails
  • It should have enough value that the subscriber wants to open it up every time it comes.
  • Be consistent, when you say you are going to send an email daily, weekly or monthly – then do it that way. Though bombarding email accounts with emails daily is a turnoff for most people.
  • Have a Call-to-action planned out. for example, your email could be an update of your new blog post, in which case the CTA should be to click on a link to go to the blog post.
  • Have a welcome email sent out as soon as they sign up. So they are aware where and from whom it will come hereinafter.
  • If you plan to sell something through the email, remember to have something of value in it before you pitch your product.
  • Don’t expect to send an email every so often without a routine and to get a response. Send emails regularly and sales pitches along with the email once in a while.

Using an auto-responder is the best way to keep track as your list gets longer. Most people have a set of emails that go out when they get sign-ups or other responses. This way even if you are busy your subscriber doesn’t just face a blank wall of silence.

Sounds complicated? It does not have to be, if you are organized! Be polite, be regular and provide value. The CTA should be placed clearly so the readers understand what you want them to do.

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BlogChatterA2Z Challenge, Social Media Posts

Ways to Grow Your Email List #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

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You can develop a great relationship with people in your email list with careful strategy. Use honest, plain & simple language to connect with the target audience. Be honest and natural in the way you write. Utilize this connection to get a CTA or Call-to-action that will get leads that convert. Of course, for all this to happen we need an email list in the first place. How to grow your email list so that you reach a wider audience? Here are some pointers to get that list started, so that you get more leads and conversions on the way!

A bigger and better lead magnet: Almost everywhere you look there are lead-magnets promising the Earth and the Moon – if you can find one that is better, higher, stronger – do I sound like the Olympics?! – then you get more sign ups

Enticing content that need a sign up: Make a part of your content so useful that subscribers willingly sign-up in order to get to it

Webinars: Have a webinar with valuable content that everyone will want to attend. Hit them with your sign up form that includes their email.

Quizzes and Giveaways: Use tempting quizzes or prizes to get the audience to sign up with their email in order to get the results or to win.

Coupons: Discount coupons are in demand so offer one for a sign up with email.

Free Tool or software: A sign up that attracts clients is to offer a free tool or software when they sign up with an email address.

Meet-ups: Host a local meet-up and collect email addresses this way.

Pop-ups: When you get a visitor to your page entice them with an offer, a free something and have a signup form capturing email addresses either soon after they land or when they leave your page.

CTA: A prominent Call-to-action on your website is also a way to get people to sign up with their email addresses.

These are a few of the popular ways to get email addresses. You can find a lot more ways to get people to sign up so that you can hit them with your newsletters and offers. So do some more research. The important thing to remember is that any sign-up form must have a place for them to add their email addresses, without which they cannot get the promised service and you wont be able to grow your email list! Happy growing!

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