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Build Brand Confidence – Six Tips From a CEO

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Brand confidence is something every company should have but sometimes ends up without. Build brand confidence to make a brand successful.

A man and his daughter were about to cross a bridge. The bridge was narrow and scary. The father told his little girl to hold his hand. The girl refused. She said that if she held his hand she might let go but if he held her hand she knew he never would let go.

This is Trust.

You may have heard this story before. It’s common enough. In this same way, we need to build trust in our brand. Brand trust builds brand loyalty. It is the key to a sustainable business. We can and must build trust in our brand to get repeat business. Repeat business is 80% of popular brands’ business success. Our bottom line will remain in the green as long as our customers do not look at other options.

New customers are important to our business; there is no doubt about this. But customers who trust us automatically become loyal to our business. How do we build trust?

  • Always do what is best for our customers
  • We must deliver on our promises
  • We should be honest and straightforward in our dealings with the customer

What is Best For Our Customers?

By what is best for the customer, I mean that if you see a customer making a mistake in the type or model of the product they are ordering from us, let them know your opinion. Give them the best deals possible, help your customer save money and you will have a loyal customer. The prices you quote should be correct and not end up higher at delivery time.

When you promise to deliver an item in a particular time frame, make sure it is feasible. Do not delay their project due to your false promises. It is our responsibility to make sure we deliver on time. Give a realistic timeline.

I request you do not raise false expectations. Tell our customers the exact configuration and not something made up to close the deal. If you make a mistake while processing the order, own up to it and tell them how you are correcting it. Your honesty will be appreciated.

We are the face of our brand. When we build brand trust we build brand confidence. To build brand confidence, I expect you to do your job well. Don’t worry only about building trust; focus on doing your job well. When we deliver on our promises and say what we mean, we build brand confidence. Customer trust can be shot down in a nanosecond.

Own Up to Your Mistakes

Let your superior know when you have made a mistake. Let’s work together to build the confidence of our customers. Go the extra mile to meet your customer expectations.

When a customer has trust and confidence in our brand through you, loyalty is just one step away. You, the representative of our brand, you are building brand loyalty. This will translate into repeat orders and automatically profitability goes up.

Our loyal customers also share their experiences with other potential customers who turn into actual sales easier as they have excellent referrals.

We want our customers to buy products and services from us repeatedly.  Whatever the competition does our loyal customers should come to us for more. Your customer’s experience has been excellent with the face of our brand, that is, YOU. Now, how do you measure the trust, confidence, and loyalty your customer has in you?

Measure Your Service/Performance

I want you to measure brand loyalty through customer surveys, loyalty programs, sales emails, customer feedback forms, employee engagement surveys, and other means. This should be constant to keep in touch with your customers. After a service or a sale, give your customer a feedback form, or a verbal communication, where you listen to your customer. Understand and interact with them and build a rapport. Customer surveys may be done through the mail, on the phone, or through an online option. A survey of your employees is also important to understand how engaged your employees are in our brand.

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Improve Trust

Now we come to the final but most important question – how can we as the heads of operations in our respective areas contribute to improving trust in our brand? We should listen to our employees and build confidence and loyalty in them. They should feel confident that you are behind them every step. A loyal employee will be willing to listen to your suggestions, implement them without resistance, and build lasting relationships with customers. So choose wisely when you hire and nurture individual employees so that building brand loyalty from your customers becomes almost a given.

More importantly, talk with customers, listen to their problems, and help them find solutions. Build relationships, and automatically build confidence and loyalty in our brand.

Let your customer hold your hand.

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