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Book Review: How to Walk, Write and Garden for the Healthy Life You Want

Book cover with a tree-lined path in the background and title Walk, Write & Garden for the Healthy Life You Want
Wellness Secrets Series (Book 1)

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How to Walk, Write and Garden for the Healthy Life You Want. Wellness Secrets Series (Book 1)


Dr. Amrita Basu


Rs. 212/-

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Non-Fiction, Self-Help


Dr. Amrita Basu of, has 700 blog posts to her credit. She has written many books on Wellness. This latest book on walking, writing and gardening for health and wellness is another one packed with information. The book is a bit autobiographical with Dr. Amrita talking about her formative years, life as a newlywed and connecting it all with wellness.

Wellness is very close to her heart says the author. By taking examples from her own life, the author has found a novel way to show the reader that this can be done.. No one can be as busy as this doctor but she manages to write despite it due to the fact that she found a solution. Read more about it in the book. No problem is too small she says, you can find a way around it.

Walking is one of the best exercises according to this author. And as a doctor she is able to give us sound reasons for the same. She also talks about finding time for walks. She uses her own example of living in a town where there is no walking path. The solution she finds makes interesting reading. You will be encouraged to find your own way to walk too.

If you always wanted to write but never have found the time to do it, then this book is definitely for you. How do you manage to make time and bring writing into your life? The author gives us some unusual but practical solutions to finding the time. Again, she uses her own example and explains how she overcame the lack of time. You may have great ideas but only by practicing your writing skills, will you be able to put down your thoughts on paper in an organized manner. Writing may not come naturally but the author says you must work on it daily.

You may live in an urban environment and greenery and Nature may seem far away. But being with Nature is a natural human tendency and keeps us healthy says the author. The author further explains how creativity and thinking are enhanced by a natural environment. Your wellness depends on it. Find out how you can bring greenery into your life despite living the big-city life.

Nature and loving family can go a long way in bolstering wellness.

Dr. Amrita Basu

The author talks about the desire to succeed and at the same time finding contentment in one’s life. How to find that balance to lead a peaceful but successful life? Read the book to know more.

Lastly i would suggest that the author find a professional Editor to take her books to the next level! There is so much good these books can do for the public and an experienced Editor is the next natural step to bring a much needed more professional look to them.

About the Author:

Dr. Amrits Basu wants to spread good health and mindfulness to everyone. This is why she started writing five years ago in her blog. She gives practical solutions to every day difficulties in her patients’ lives. She believes being healthy is not just medicines and diagnosis but holistic care for body and soul that leads one to health and success and ultimately happiness.

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25 thoughts on “Book Review: How to Walk, Write and Garden for the Healthy Life You Want”

  1. great review brindha. I have also read this book and other books by the author. Walking is truly one of the best things we can do for our health. I myself am trying to do 10k steps daily.

  2. I had read and reviewed previous book of Dr. Amrita and I know she is a good writer. this book sounds really good to me. will check this out for sure. thanks a lot for your honest feedback.

  3. I like the review for the simple reason that you have laid bare all the components of the book in a structured way. The book appears to be straight from the heart 🙂

  4. Thats a crisp and honest review of a book which seems very good. Walking has a lot of benefits but lack of time and willingness creates an issue. WIll check out the book for sure.

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