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Book Review: From Stressed to Sorted: 11 Ultimate Life-changing Happiness Hacks for Millennials (SoulSpeak Book 1) #BlogChatterBookReview

Book cover of Stressed to Sorted by Sonam Chamaria- a self-help book for book review.

Book Title:

From Stressed to Sorted: 11 Ultimate Life-changing Happiness Hacks for Millennials (SoulSpeak Book 1) Kindle Edition


Rs. 199/-

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Non-Fiction, Self-Help

Blurb (Edited for space constraints):

Stress? No more.

Self-help without the Gyan. Written by a millennial.

For anyone trying to manage stress and adopt positive thinking. For anyone battling anxiety. For those who want to improve their lives to make it a fulfilling one, but simply have no time. ‘From Stressed to Sorted’ has the perfect remedy. Because:

‘Life is what you make of it.

If you think it’s tough, it will be.

If you think it’s easy, it will be.’……..

……There is a reason why you stumbled upon this book today. It was meant to be.

This last line in the description of “Stressed to Sorted….” about says it all. I felt like I was mean to read this book.


The book looks closely at different situations you face in your life and suggests how you can deal with these situations and come out a better person. To further elucidate on each topic, the author smoothly gives life-like samples of situations you could be in. The short samples themselves are wonderful to read and you find yourself wondering what will happen next! This author definitely has a career in fiction-writing waiting in the wings if she so pleases!

The author covers 11 topics which include everything from how to relax your grip on other people to how to not let other people control your thoughts and actions. She also writes about the importance of loving yourself. How important it is for your mental health and well-being for you to give yourself the attention and love you deserve. How to overcome hurdles and struggles in your life is another aspect she writes about. She advises you how to handle criticism in general and that which targets you. The author doesn’t stop here but also talks about troubled sleeping patterns and what to do about it. Forgiveness is another topic we all need to hear about. Its not just about yourself, but about how your reaction to other people can bring about a positive vibration around you and your environment. She also deals with grief and how to bounce back from it.

The author explains every topic lucidly and in easy to understand language. The words flow easily and I found myself sticking little post-its on my fridge, shelves and other places as she suggests in the chapter on loving yourself. I felt like the book was meant for me and have taken a lot of the suggestions seriously to make my life better. There are plenty of real-life samples to help you understand where she is going with a particular topic. At the end of every chapter you can find a few exercises to try at home to help with your self-improvement. The exercises are simple but very effective. You will be pleased with them and the ideas behind each action she suggests.

As a Tarot reader, the author has a deep understanding of how the world turns. Her ideas about letting the Universe help you and about letting go are important points to note and try for yourself. These “hacks” are actually quite sound and can be used by any person – Millennial or not; whatever age you are, you will definitely benefit from the wisdom in this book.

Only one suggestion is that the editing could be improved. A few punctuation errors and word usage could be corrected for a more professional-looking book. But in no way do these tiny errors take away from the reading or usefulness of this self-help book.

About the Author:

Sonam Chamaria is a spiritual person and finds a deep connection with the world we live in. She is a Tarot Reader, a Chakra-healer and practices Nichiren Buddhism. Being a voracious reader and fashion-conscious, Sonam cannot stop reading, buying books, clothes and accessories. She travels, shoots photos and has a Master’s Degree in Business  from the UK and is currently an investment banker in Bangalore.

How does she do all these things and write a book? Read the book to know how you can do it too and be stress-free!

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22 thoughts on “Book Review: From Stressed to Sorted: 11 Ultimate Life-changing Happiness Hacks for Millennials (SoulSpeak Book 1) #BlogChatterBookReview”

  1. Nicely written review, a lucid one !
    i liked the way you highlighted the key aspects of the book and then provided few an honest and sincere feedback.
    The book seems to provide a comprehensive take on the subject and i am sure it’s worth a read .

  2. That’s a well written and very honest review. I like how you have given a detailed description of the books and the suggestions too. The book seems to be worth reading. I will grab a copy soon.

  3. I always like to read books that improve our mental health and brings positivity in life. this book seems a good read and help us in staying mentally healthy. I am really impressed with the had covered all aspects and shared your honest feedback.

  4. Very well written and honest review. Sounds very interesting the way you have revealed about the author and the content of the book. Will surely grab this one. The topic itself is quite intriguing.

  5. Ultimate piece of book review, Thanks so much Brindha ji for such an honest review, I will surely add the book to my next reading list, anything that can accelerates the flow of positivity in my life or my daily schedule, I would love to go for it.

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