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2000-year Old Petroglyphs at The Valley Of Fire

This is the twenty-second in the series Travel Destinations in the USA for Your Retirement List. This destination starts with the Letter V. the Valley of Fire in Nevada is a magnificent representation of the varied hues of Nature. From mountains to seas and now on to windswept, eerie land that has been the location for many movies. You will be fascinated by the 2000-year old petroglyphs at the Valley of Fire, left by ancient Native Americans.

Getting There:

The red rock formations in a 40,000-acre area are worth visiting. The Valley of Fire got its name because when the sun is bright the red formation looks like they’re on fire. There are petrified trees and 2000-year-old petroglyphs to explore.  The Valley of Fire State Park is about 50 miles from Las Vegas. You can take an enjoyable drive from Vegas to explore this beautiful formation of Nature.

The highway of the same name is at the southern end of the Park. Both the entrances to the park are on this same highway. You can see a lot of the beautiful red rock formations from the highway itself.

road through the red rock formations in valley of fire
2000-year old petroglyphs
The road through the Valley of Fire

White Domes Road or Mouse’s Tank Road is to the north of the park. You can go into the heart of the park on this particular road. You will find hiking trails along the road too. These are not too long or hard so most people will be able to do them. If hiking isn’t your thing, then no problem, you can drive through the park and see some of the most spectacular red rock formations. The colors range from red to pink to yellow and form rings and other arresting sights.

elephant rock red rock formation in valley of fire
Elephant Rock in the Valley of Fire

Do make use of the photo ops available all along the drive through the park. You don’t have to be an active walker/hiker to do so!

If you can walk, the Fire Cave is something special to see. The fiery red color continues through this cave which is also known as Windstone Arch. As a result, you will feel like maybe you are on Martian ground in this surreal place!

beehive red rock formation in valley of fire
2000-year old petroglyohs
The Beehive at the Valley of Fire

2000-Year Old Petroglyphs Can Be Found Here:

The Beehive, The Seven Sisters, The Elephant rock and Atlatl Rock are some must-see spots in the Valley of Fire. The Atlatl Rock has stairs that you can climb up to see the ancient petroglyphs left behind by the Native Americans who once lived here.

Valley of fire
rock formations
Rings of varying hues in the Fire Wave formation

Information and maps are available at the Visitors Center here. Therefore, you can find plenty of information on trails, camping sites and picnic sites here with restrooms and water facilities.

In conclusion, do remember to stay on the trails and not to disturb or take anything as a souvenir from here.

Remember to take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints…

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