motivational quotes on rewriting
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Rewriting is an art. Your writing can be transformative even if you are summarizing an article.

You need to work on it. But do you have the time to rewrite? Now that is the million-dollar question.

I rewrite articles, blog posts, website content, essays, reports, and anything else you may need to be rewritten.

You will not find plagiarism, mistakes, or grammatical errors in the resulting copy that I give you.

My turnaround time is very quick, with the least number of errors.

See my sample for an idea of my high-quality​ writing style here.

I do not spin, copy, or do any other low-quality​ rewriting.
My work will pass Copyscape​ or any other software because it is my OWN!

You could also follow tips in some good articles online like the one here

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