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Key West, Florida – Travel Destinations in the USA for Seniors 60+ – #BlogchatterA2Z

Map showing the Florida keys extend out from miami. Thye last is Key West

This is the eleventh in the series Travel Destinations in the USA for retirement. This destination starts with the Letter K. Key West is part of the Florida Keys – a series of islands off of the southern tip of the state of Florida.

The Journey to the Florida Keys:

The Florida Keys are a group of coral islands 125 miles long stretching out from Miami. These gorgeous islands are interconnected by 42 bridges. Your ultimate destination is Key West which is just 90 miles from Cuba! We recommend you to visit these beautiful islands between March and May when the season has not yet started. Hotels are less expensive and the islands are a lot less crowded than at any other time. Seniors 60+ may enjoy the less crowded time of the year. Winter is the peak season because of the balmy weather which is a total contrast to most of the United States. Summer is the hottest season that not a lot of people will like, so you may find cheaper stays at that time if you don’t mind the heat.

The extensive bridges connect the Florida keys.
Key West bridge is part of the 125-mile road between the Florida Keys
The southern most point oif the continental USA is in Key West.
So many endings here – The Southern-Most Point of the USA – Photo by Vincent Gerbouin on

Drive from Miami or make it a road trip right from Orlando’s Disney World. You could just fly into Fort Lauderdale International Airport and drive out to Key West too. Plan to stay at least 3-4 days because there’s so much to see and do in the Florida Keys! Shuttle services are available from the airport if you don’t want to drive yourself.

Tikki bars, boutique hotels, water sports and the sights and sounds of the sea are things you will want to stop for at every island you cross through.

Things to Do There:

Key West itself is a small island that you can walk through at four miles long and one mile wide. The architecture along every island is captivating with its luxurious 19th-century houses and buildings.

19th century buildings give character to the islands in the florida keys
19th-century buildings add a feel of luxury to Key West

Fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, and eating fresh seafood are some of the things you could do here. Literature aficionados will love to visit Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West. There is even a Hemmingway look-alike contest in July! Fantasy fest in October is a fun Carnivale-type of activity if you are so inclined. Don’t forget to visit Tennesse Williams’ home too in Key West!

Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon and Big Pine Key are a few of the islands you should stop at besides Key West. The Seven-mile Bridge (6.79 miles to be exact!) at Marathon Island is to be marvelled at, being one of the longest sectional bridges in the world.

Oh, and do not forget to eat some Key Lime Pie while you are there!

sliced key lime pie on white ceramic plate
A favorite in Florida
To die-for Key Lime Pie – Photo by caramelle bakery on

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  1. I have been to Key west and it is gorgeous. Loved that place and visited the southernmost point too. Enjoyed reading your post.

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