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Crystal Clear Waters of Glacier National Park – Travel Destinations in the USA for Retired Life

This is the seventh in the series Travel Destinations in the USA for Retirement. This destination starts with the Letter G. The crystal clear waters of Glacier National Park are a treat for the eyes.

Wild Goose Island on St Mary’s Lake – This lake is in the opening scene of the movie The Shining – Photo courtesy: @jaswinivj

“Pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains and spectacular lakes…” is the description from the National Park Service. And you know what? They ain’t lying. Glacier National Park could be the most beautiful place in the nation. Because of this, we chose this place as a travel destination for retired life. We just don’t want you to miss it. Subsequently, with proper planning and advance booking for accommodation and activities, a retired person like you can enjoy every moment at Glacier National Park.

Crystal clear waters of Lake MacDonald – Photo courtesy: @jaswinivj

The season is from May to September. As a result, we do admit that during the summer this place is crowded. Consider taking your trip off-season, as late September should see the end of the busy season and still have tolerable weather conditions. Of course, the bonus is the splendid colors of the Fall leaves that can be enjoyed till October. Do expect more wildlife activity in Fall and take adequate precautions.

Getting To Glacier National Park:

Most people drive from nearby states through either the West or East entrances. Of course, you could fly into Missoula (150 miles away) or Glacier national Park International airport (30 miles from the West Entrance)

This “Crown of the Continent’ as it is known, straddles the US and Canada. Its raw natural beauty will transfix you. Because of this, camping is popular here as well as hiking of course. Extensive trails cover the park, choose ones that suit your level of fitness. Remember to expect wildlife, we are expected to carry easily-accessible bear spray at all times.

a stream in Glacier National Park
Plenty of time to contemplate the beauty of Glacier National Park

Camping and Other Activities in Glacier National Park:

Bring your RV or tent and gaze at the stars at night in a clear sky. Secondly, fishing and boating are things to do in the crystal clear waters of the Park. Take a boat tour if you don’t want to get your own boat. Do not fret if you are not the outdoorsy type as there are hotels and lodges all around this area. But do check them out for distance from the entrances.

Go-To-The-Sun road is one of the most famous must-do activities here. In summer you should be able to drive the 50-miles of spectacular scenery. You should check out the road conditions in winter or the rainy season. As a result, they may close the road in bad weather.

Go to the sun road in the  park - travel destinations in the usa for seniors 60+
Go-to-the-Sun Road – Photo Courtesy:

Lake McDonald is one of the most tranquil places on earth. Glaciers thousands of years old surround the lake. The crystal-clear water will mesmerize you! There is accommodation available near the lake if you book early enough.

Winter Activities:

Winter Sports include skiing and snowshoeing. Snow covers the park by November. If you like looking at wildlife in winter the guided snowshoe walking tours may be your thing.

There are lots of activities at Glacier National Park for the whole family at every time of the year. As a result, you should plan your trip here at any time and create memories with family and friends.

Climate change affects this treasured land too. The glaciers are melting away and one day will be gone forever…

In conclusion, the crystal clear waters of Glacier National Park must surely be on any retiree’s bucket list of places to go in the USA.

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  1. A truly beautiful and other worldly experience! A must visit to enjoy short hikes, waterfalls, and wildlife.

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