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Five Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Don’t Cost You a Lot

Five great valentine's day gift ideas that dont cost a lot

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I usually do not comment about the holidays and seasons but this time I am tempted because I have to write something every day! So here goes: –

Valentine’s day is perfect to show your loved ones and friends how much you appreciate them. Yes, not just loves but friends too can be appreciated on this day. What do you do if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts?

Around the world, people are expected to spend millions on flowers, chocolate and perfume for Valentine’s Day. But when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on Valentine’s Day, we don’t believe gifts have to be expensive to be valued. There are fun things that you can share to mark the day. Especially during this pandemic, we have all learned to value the time we spend with our loved ones. Too many days in isolation, unable to give a simple hug or a warm smile, has made you realise the importance of quality time. These five great gift ideas are not expensive, nor will they cost you much.

The idea is to enjoy the day, so you and your partner should be on the same page about it. You both agree that you want to spend time together and money is not going to get in the way of your happiness of being with each other.

  • 1. Find a Nice Movie to Watch: You may or may not be able to go to a theater, depending on where you are with the pandemic in your town or city. But that shouldn’t prevent you from having a good time with your partner. Find a good movie, a new release, a rom-com or something else special to watch and cosy up on a couch. Make sure you have good food and maybe a little wine if you’re into that. Celebrate being together through the worst.
  • 2. Make Breakfast in Bed: This can be done for anyone you love – parent, partner, grandparent or friend. Show your loved ones that you care by surprising them with breakfast in bed. If you have kids, this is a great opportunity to teach them to show love. Get the kid into the act by getting them to help prepare the meal. Surprise your partner. As a dad you can do this with your kids, you’ll be amazed at how touched your wife will be with this change in her daily routine.
  • 3. Go on a Hike: Yes, if you and your partner are the active types, do plan a special hike that you can enjoy together on this day. It doesn’t have to be Mount Everest; your local hiking trail will do. Just remember to arrange for some refreshments and warn your partner to dress appropriately. We don’t want blistered toes in the end!
  • 4. Write Love Letters to Each Other: When was the last time you both wrote to each other on paper? I bet you have been texting or calling each other most of the time. Valentine’s Day is a great day to write a letter to each other saying how much your partner means to you. This can be done with anyone you love not just a lover. Grandma would appreciate it and so would mom! Try it out!
  • 5. Recreate Your First Date: Now this one is for the lovers. Remember the first day you met? Try to recreate the way you were dressed, the way you acted and the things you said  against the things you actually wanted to say. It can really get sweet and take you both down memory lane. You could even go to the same place you met, but if that’s not possible, maybe cook the food you ate on that eventful day.

These are just a few of the things you can enjoy on this special day. There are a lot more things to do where you don’t have to spend money. Just remember that money isn’t the only way to show your love and affection on Valentine’s Day. So if nothing works out, spend time watching the sunset or the stars at night. Nothing can get more romantic than that!

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