mount rushmore with statues of usa presidents in national park
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Deadwood South Dakota, A Place to have an Adventure! -Travel Destinations in the USA for Retired Life

mount rushmore with statues of usa presidents in national park
Have an adventure in Daedwood South Dakota

This is the fourth in the series Travel Destinations in the USA for Retired Life. This destination started with the letter D. Deadwood South Dakota is the place to have an adventure in retired life!

Love the wild west and everything about it? Well then, Hold on to your hats as we go to Deadwood, South Dakota for a taste of the old west. Because this little town is about an hour from Mt. Rushmore. Therefore it’s easy to access the antiques, vintage collections and festivals, shoot-out enactments, and gambling are some of the other activities here.

sign board of the adams museum in deadwood, south dakota. Travel destinations in the USA for retired life
Time for an adventure in Deadwood South Dakota
Museum in Deadwood South Dakota – Photo courtesy:

It can be a party town or a relaxed holiday destination just right for the senior citizen in you. Travel destinations for retired life include this historic yet adventurous landmark town of Deadwood, South Dakota. Because here you can gamble the night away at the gambling halls just like Poker Alice did way back in the day. Secondly, watch the reenactment of wild west firefights like gunslingers Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok must have done a century ago. Finally, if you are ready for some speculation and history; well, find that here too. The famous gunslingers are buried here too for the macabre interested folks!

There are a lot of free shows here during the summer – these include free concerts, movies, and a history night. Check out if they have a reenactment of shootouts from a bygone era when you are there.

Architecture of buildings from another era in deadwood south dakota are preserved
Architecture taking you back to the wild west in Deadwood

Broken Boot Goldmine is a nice tour to take at night and that too by candlelight! Kind of creepy but that’s the way they did it in the prospecting days! But do take this tour only if you can walk a lot and climb stairs.

Enjoy the awesome sight of the Black Hills. If you like wine and beer, you can opt for a winery or brewery tour in Deadwood or nearby areas. For a taste of local craft beer and wings just drive over to downtown Sturgis, a short drive from Deadwood.

Summer or winter, we enjoyed Deadwood. Skiing is available in winter. Hiking the trails, walking and fishing are other activities that you can do even in Fall. There are a few Adults-only tours of some historic buildings, so check whether you can take kids when opting for a guided tour.

Stay at a luxury bed & breakfast or at a cabin in the woods with views to die for or better yet camp out in the Black Hills camping sites and soak in the smells of the forest around you. The choice is yours according to your budget.

There are lots to do in this part of the country and so many sights to see nearby. The best part is that it’s not really on the beaten path, so the touristy rush will be missing!

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