can you afford not to blog for your business?
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Can You Afford to Have a Business Without a Blog Today? #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2019

can you afford not to blog for your business?
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There are millions, yes millions of blogs and websites vying for your attention on the World Wide Web. So, you may be thinking: “Ha! Why on earth does my small business need a blog?” You may be thinking, its one more piece of the Internet people will not be seeing or reading. Well bro (or sister), you are wrong! As a small business you need to, no, must be online. Can you afford not to have a business blog today? Let me tell you the ways this will help your small business:

Get Traffic to Your Website:

Your well-written blog can attract visitors to your website. Add some in-page links to your products or catalogue and you attract visitors to the main selling pages of your website. Hear that tinkle? That’s the money you’ve started making from the sales your blog is making, sister!

Build Authority:

How do you put yourself out there as the best of the best? Write your blog with your products in mind and subtly let customers know how they can use some of your products. Your blog showcases that you know your stuff and can be trusted. Once you build trust with a thoughtful business blog, your customers keep coming back to you to find answers to all their doubts and questions. Over a period of time, your customers will ONLY trust You and look to your website or blog for references and insights. Mission accomplished?

Bro, you get customers to your products page, because of course your content links to the useful stuff you have in stock for them to buy to complete the project they consulted your blog for in the first place! Got it now?

Build SEO

With great copy and original thinking comes SEO. This is the one thing a lot of people keep getting wrong. How do you get SEO right? New and unique content is what Search Engines like Google are looking for among other things. Along with a smart funnel, your well-written copy is going to get you more traffic and customers and grow your bank balance! What are you waiting for dear business owner?

Building Community:

Your business blog can start a conversation with your readers, who become community when you strike up a conversation and interact with them. Feel strongly about something? Get it out there and watch the conversation ball roll in your community.

The blog is the one way you can connect directly with people in these Internet days. Half the battle of sales can be won when you show your reader the solutions your product can give them. Which means that if you are selling paint, then show them how to paint, how to paint fancy designs, how to clean and paint furniture, and so on.

Get Industry Experts on Your Side:

When you have a well-written blog, you get industry experts on your side. The authority you show in the blog attracts Influencers, experts in the field and other business owners. Connect with them through Social media or through invitations to write on your blog.

Build a Mailing List:

Many people do not realize the importance of the mailing list even today. It’s a way to get news about your product or your potential out there. When you give valuable information through your blog, you can expect that your audience will want to come back for more. They will be most willing to get on to that mailing list to keep up with all your updates on sales, new blog posts and other events you want your audience to know.


So, lets dive in bro and get that blog started. Marketing needs a blog to fight the digital marketing battle for attention on the Net. As you work on your business blog expect to get even more and better ideas of how to use your blog for marketing strategies. It’s a process that will keep on growing into the rest of this decade and beyond.

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