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Book Review: Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur

Book cover: Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur

Book Title:

Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur


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The Beginning:

Jason Kothari is an entrepreneur. What’s unique about Jason is how he made it from bad-boy to where he is today, a renowned business turnaround leader worth millions. He hopes to inspire young people and bring hope to every single person who has been in despair and hit rock-bottom of maybe being a gang member and binge drinker like he was. This book review of Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur tells you why you need to read this.

The Golden Years:

Jason lived in various countries in his growing years. Born in Hong Kong, grown up there, experienced gang violence in the USA, Jason used every bit of the experiences he had to become the man he is today. He did learn business at his father’s knee. Irrationally Passionate opens with Jason making a hot bargain at a shop near the Taj Mahal in Agra at eight! He describes his joy and his father’s pride in his bargaining skills and determination.

Every one of his childhood experiences has had an impact on Jason’s process of growing up and becoming the successful person he is today. He relates a tale of bullying in a school in the US, which changed the way he was. He became hardened and unruly when he went back to Hong Kong. He was the despair of his family. He finds lessons even in this grim situation. He gives hope to you that you too can change and become someone.

Feeling at Home:

He loves India and every experience he had at his grandparents’ homes in Mumbai and Rajkot. In these experiences too you can find lessons as he did. Jason felt a sense of belonging and pride in living in India, being among people just like him. In Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur, he says he has grown up with a sense of pride in being Indian today. How many of us who live all over the world have that pride?

Defining Moments:

The story goes on to talk about his love for superheroes, especially Valiant superheroes which would later on influence his decision to try to turnaround his favorite company Valiant. He would go on to make many millions by turning the flailing company into the third-largest superhero entertainment company. All this, while still at Wharton Business School (Yes, he did make it to Wharton, read the book to know how!)

The fairy-tale continues…not.

Making it…

Jason describes his struggles and persistence to gain a foothold in the business. He explains frankly all that he went through to get his first business up and running. The book is a gem for every young entrepreneur in the making. You can read about the key take away that the author learned from every bid, every opportunity he grabbed. If anything, he is honest.

What makes this book interesting is that the author gives us inputs on what is happening in his personal life too. From his desperation to helping his fiancee through cancer treatment, there are no holds barred. He even confides the strained relationship he had with his family due to his first entrepreneurship steps. Jason tells it like it is.

Lessons in Every Story:

With financial stability finally his, the author goes on to venture into other faltering companies and successfully turns them around too. In every one of his stories, in Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur Jason goes on to narrate precisely his dealings and the reasoning behind them, to give you, the budding entrepreneur, valuable lessons. These lessons are not just about business but equally interspersed with what is happening in his personal life and how he deals with them. This is of great value to every young gun trying to make it without losing your humanity.

Why I Like the Book:

The book is very easy to read, with lots of stories to bring home each lesson the author is trying to teach you. It reads like a novel with simple language. A valuable book for you if you are a teen, a budding business person or someone already into business. The life lessons you can learn in the book are helpful for everyone.

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