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An Ode to February

red roses on snowy abackground
an ode to february
An Ode to February

This February I will #WriteAPageADay

Each month has its weather, holidays and celebrations. This month, February is cold and snowy where I am right now, spring is still a month away. Groundhog day is tomorrow – will we have another six weeks of winter weather?  But back home in my native Coimbatore, the weather is warming up, giving us a hint of the summer that is to come. There was a time in February that if the thermostat hit 30 degrees C, we would enjoy a thunderstorm to cool us down, but climate change has taken that away from us in Coimbatore. 

Oh, February! You are the short and sweet month of the year. ​good things happen now. Love is in the air. What fun to be young! Exciting plans to make, fights to be had over appropriate Valentine’s Day gifts!      Valentines discover each other.

February, you make me realize that I have broken New Year resolution after resolution.​ A month of this new year has flown by before I could say I will “write a blog post” – and 2021 wasn’t too great from my blog’s point of view. 

red love art winter paint the town red - an ode to februaury
Let’s Paint the Town Red for Good Luck this Chinese New Year!
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You are the start of the Chinese New Year according to #BeStorified Leha​. The Year of the Tiger is upon us. Let’s paint the town red together for luck! Another chance at a start of a new year. Resolution number uno “write a blog post every day, make that every week, no no once a month.,.. blah, blah blah…”

February, I expect to hear good news from you – that the pandemic has ended, that life is back to normal, that I can travel again,  that it was just a bad dream. One can dream on, Nah? 

February, let me find answers to my other dreams: that I lost weight, that my Blog is filled with posts throughout 2021, that I’ve made my list of books to read this year and even started on one! That I keep in touch with every member of my family and extended family, scratch that – not aunt Raji, oh and cousin Sarada, she said I looked… hmm… maybe not every relative…

February you’ll be the month of breakthroughs, miracles and hope. ​Twenty-eight days of wonder. Maybe a vaccine or three? A cure for covid19 or worse? Or maybe world peace will happen and no more wars. Or climate change resolutions won’t be a joke and we will pull back from the brink. it could happen, right? 

tweet with the wordle sharing pattern with green, grey and black squares.
#Wordle, the Latest Fad on the Internet

February, do me a favour and let me get all the #Wordle answers in two lines. Let me beat that sister of mine who keeps showing off her two and three-line solutions to it. Let the NYTIMES keep the game free… one can hope?               

… Let every dish I whip up in five minutes in the kitchen taste the best. Let words flow as I write my blog posts and get to 10,000 words. No more writer’s block. February, you got this, right? 

February, I do hope to discover that people are less selfish, care for each other. Maybe throw in less income disparity between countries, states and neighbourhoods.   What’s that?  Dream on you say?​ 

I believe in you February, you’re going to make it right, after all, you’re the second month in the year. You got the time. 

This blog post is part of’s #WriteAPageADay campaign.

roses in a glass buld hanging on atree branch - an ode to february
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