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The Rodeo – Denver, CO

In the 19th Century and even before that, the Wild, WIld, West was..well…wild. Life was rough, men needed vital skills to survive. Capturing & taming wild horses, wrestling steers and riding the bulls were all a part of survival.

The tradition of Vaqueros or cowboys, showed off their working skills in competitions started in Spain, spread to Central America, South America, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico. Today the Wild West is kinda tame, Hollywood has taken over, machinery are used extensively, but the skills and competitions linger on keeping old traditions and the Western way of life alive…

Every year events like the National Western Stock Show brings back the excitement of the rodeo. It is a place for cowboys and cowgirls to show off their skills. The annual event held in January in Denver, Colorado attracts livestock and agriculture farmers from all over. There are Rodeos, Livestock shows, a place where farmers exchange notes, views and learn new agricultural techniques. It is considered an important event for breeders too. More than 600,000 people attend the 16 days of events.

Rodeo events move through Arizona, Wyoming, South Dakota, Texas and other western states throughout the Rodeo season.

a black and a white stage coach tethered with six black horses each.
Keeping memories alive for the future generations – stage coaches on display
3 Broncs ready to be released for the rodeo events.
Broncs ready to buck and run wild to test the skills of cowboys…
steer waiting in the stall to be released
Wild Steers ready to be released from the stall
cowboy riding a bucking steer
Can he wrestle this steer to the ground or even stay on it? Timing and skill is everything
cowboy tossed off the wild steer as it bucks wildly
I guess this guy isn’t going to last!
two cowboys on two horse raise their lassos to capture a wild steer.
Team work is just as important – cowboys with their lassos ready…team roping
Team roping a horse, notice the legs are completely protected with the leather shield in front of the cowboys’ pants
three kids of about 8-9 yrs old waiting to compete in the rodeo
These kids are competing too at their level!
a kid clings on a sheeps back as it runs wildly
A little kid clinging on to the back of a sheep, how long will he stay on?!

Is it animal cruelty? A lot of animal rights associations say it is. Rodeo organizers and attendees say that it’s a way to keep agriculture and farming in focus…to keep traditions alive.

The jury is out…

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