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Share the Load, Multiply Love with Ariel India

When it All Started:

The first few months of 2020 are a distant sweet memory. Things we did then and in 2019 – like go window shopping at the Mall or watch a movie at the theater or even just get on the train to commute to work seem like a dream. Did we do all those things without a care? We read a few sporadic news reports in Jan 2020, about a mysterious virus in Wuhan, China and thought “Well, that’s far away.” or “The scientists will figure it out.” Come March 2020, and life has changed drastically. Lock downs, shortages, absence of help at home, we all feel it. So how do you share the load, multiply the love? Everyone at home has to pitch in, do their bit to keep the home a home and to keep our sanity, right?

Envy Not Thy Neighbour:

I remember thinking that my friends’ husbands are so respectful of their wives. They see them seated when we are all out together, while my husband expects that I’m going to do it anyway. It would be a nice gesture if he looked around to see if I did indeed have a seat! But alas, I’ve been Ms. Efficient for too long for him to do little gestures. Home has always been where everyone relaxes, expecting that i will make it a home with the help of my precious maid.

We Come Together:

Come the lock-down, the maid disappeared to look after her family. (I wouldn’t have it any other way!) Well, the lock-down has been dreary no doubt, but I see so much of “family-ness” in my family for the past few months! Children, husband – everybody has transformed, they do the chores without being told!

Wow! I’m zapped! We have slowly learned to #ShareChoresMultiplyLove a whole lot more. Kids set the table and clean it afterwards. Husband helping out with the cutting and chopping and stirring of pots too! Working from home hasn’t been easy. Monotony set in and he needed a change he said. Kids learned what happens when the maids don’t show up – home is well, disorderly, to put it mildly.

Share The Laundry:

My husband has taken charge of the laundry. He collects everything, sorts the colors, and puts everything into the machine. #ShareTheLaundry has become his bye-line. Of course, Ariel Front Load detergent powder is very much part of our washing routine and makes it all a whole lot easier because of the clean, fresh result. He has also taken charge of drying the clothes on the line and folding everything. Not just that, but he got the kids involved in folding and putting laundry away, taking a load of my back!

Man loading clothes in washing machine with Ariel Front Load Detergent powder kept on top
Loading the clothes is now a man’s job…

A Stronger Family:

With both of us working and kids involved with online classes, it has been a juggle, but WE DID IT! We have become a cohesive unit that works in tandem. We have steadily #SharedTheLoad and multiplied the love! I think we have become a stronger family in this crisis. The new normal or the old life may come back or not; but I am sure the love and participation and sense of family we have learned in the past few months will linger on long after these testing times are over.

Ariel Front Load detergent powder ready on top of washing machine




My trusty Ariel is always available, ready to help keep our clothes clean and bright!





I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda


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