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Friends: The Reunion on Zee5

The six cast members of the Friends TV Sitcom

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All of us from the 90s and early 2000s waited eagerly for Friends: The Reunion on Zee5 in India! Also known as ‘The One Where They Get Back Together

The American Friends TV Sitcom ran for ten years from 1994 to 2004. You still watch the reruns and laugh though you see the episodes repeatedly. Every episode, every line make you smile, forget your tensions. We all learn what friendship is from the six comic but very loving friends who become a family during those years in your twenties when your real family is far away.

And what a reunion it is! Initially, you cannot lie, you are a bit hesitant about it. A bit scared that you may get bored or that THEY would look too old and ridiculous. After all, you know that saying “You can never go back…” But you are so glad you are wrong! You love it!

Friends: The Reunion show starts with Ross coming in to look over the old Friends set. Nostalgia sets in as he is joined by Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and finally Mathew Perry. They are hugging and taking you back once more with little titbits about those fabulous ten years.

James Corden interviews the gang in front of the Iconic Water Fountain. Ah! How young and beautiful they all are back then! How you wish we were all young again. There is a select audience many of whom asked a lot of interesting questions – of which “What didn’t you like about the shooting back then?” got an interesting answer.

Zee5 really did us a good turn by streaming Friends: The Reunion as it was released in the US and elsewhere. You have so much to enjoy. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and other famous faces appear. “Smelly Cat” with Lisa and Lady Gaga, perfecto! Ross and Jen share their secret crushing on each other! Juicy! Your suspicions, as was many others’, were confirmed, the chemistry was there for real.

The writers and producers give you insights into how they cast the perfect six. They tell you how they come up with the idea of the script. Everyday life is so interesting under the talented hands of David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

The gang is older and wiser no doubt, but you don’t mind one bit! It is a lot of fun going down memory lane with them. Fun segments with unexpected guests like Maggie Wheeler (Janice of OH MY GOD moments) add to the excitement. And the walk in Ross’ tight leather pants by none other than Cindy Crawford! A surprise walk by a special someone is a delight to see!

Time flies by! But you do notice Mathew Perry looks a little ragged, Jen is beautiful, Joey you see a lot of on TV anyway, Ross is a bit stiff, Courtney’s ups and downs show a bit on her face but Lisa, she is as beautiful as ever. You realize she hasn’t lost her laugh, it’s still there. It will probably be there even when she is 101! But ultimately, appearances don’t matter. You are transformed. You are glad you get to see the Friends: The Reunion show simultaneously with the rest of the world courtesy Zee5. Its still streaming so you can catch up if you weren’t tempted or able to on Day One.

The one hour twenty-four minutes is over too soon. You leave with a warm glow… after watching what this writer felt was: ‘The One That Makes You Feel Good.’

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Friends The Reunion review
The one that makes you feel good

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