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Keeping Up With… Not Kardashians… Knowledge!

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The Blogchatter Half-Marathon has ten commandments, of which the sixth is:

Thou Shalt Keep Learning

Remember when we were learning the ABCs and 123s in school? Your grandma may have complained on seeing your math book, that she never learned the square root of 36. Dad probably thinks Ruby on Rails is a jewelry store in a train. Things keep changing. As a freelancer you need to keep learning or become irrelevant.

The world is moving very fast. We have an information overload which comes at you from TV, Radio, Newspaper, books, the Internet and who knows where else! There are no excuses for you to not know or to not improve. If you don’t keep on learning, you can expect to be left behind.

Ways to Improve, to Keep Learning

  • Stay on top of trends
  • Be aware of new techniques
  • Stay up-to-date with new technology
  • Understand Internet Technology that is constantly changing
  • Learn a new skill or program
  • Go back to old blog posts and update them as ways and methods change

Why Keep Learning?

As a freelancer, you need to update your knowledge and skills in order to not become redundant. A person with the latest skillsets is always in demand. This holds good for anyone who is into earning. Its not like, “okay I got a job now I can relax,” scenario anymore. Keep updating and learning in order to get ahead.

As a blogger, you may have seen Google, Instagram and Facebook updating their algorithms time and again. Imagine not keeping up with these updates. Your blog would suffer if you don’t study these new changes. You need to strategize and analyze not only your blog but also that of your competitors in the same niche.

Take climate change for example. If we didn’t update our knowledge on the why, where and how of it, where would we be? Climate specialists have been constantly updating their knowledge in order to stay ahead.

What are other reasons you should keep learning? Prevent boredom, get success, be a part of something good, get new ideas, increase your self-esteem, keep your brain active, and finally earn more money! The last is probably the motive for most folks.


No longer can you join a job and forever stay in it without making any improvements to your knowledge and processes. The same holds good for the freelancer, who will be in demand for your cutting-edge learning. Keep learning and keep on rising. The only way is up when you are armed with new skills.

This blog post is part of the Blogchatter Half Marathon

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Blogchatter Half Marathon The Need to Update
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